Lost Sector Guaranteed Exotic Farm


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Lost Sector Guaranteed Exotic Farm

  • Gauntlet and Helmet exotic armor pieces are on a four-day rotation for the Legend difficulty Lost Sector.
  • Solo completion of these Lost Sectors has a chance at an exotic armor drop, enhancement cores, and other important materials.
  • Completion of this service will be done on the 1310 Legend difficulty Lost Sector.
  • We will guarantee the acquisition of the selected armor drop! We will continue to run the Lost Sector until you finally have it!

Be aware this service is only for guaranteed acquisition of an exotic you do not already possess. If you have already had the exotic armor pieces then we would suggest our Solo Lost Sector service instead: Solo Lost Sector

Exotic Armor from Lost Sectors



Dawn Chorus

 Exotic  Warlock  Head


Necrotic Grip

 Exotic  Warlock Arms


Mantle of Battle Harmony

Mantle of Battle Harmony  Exotic  Warlock Chest


Boots of the Assembler

Boots of the Assembler  Exotic  Warlock Legs


Precious Scars

 Exotic  Titan  Head


Icefall Mantle

 Exotic  Titan  Arms


Cuirass of the Falling Star

Cuirass of the Falling Star  Exotic  Titan  Chest


The Path of Burning Steps

The Path of Burning Steps  Exotic  Titan  Legs


Mask of Bakris

Exotic  Hunter  Head


Athrys’s Embrace

Exotic  Hunter  Arms



Exotic  Hunter  Chest


Star-Eater Scales

Star-Eater Scales Exotic  Hunter  Legs



Service Requirements

  • You must be of  1290+ Power Level
  • Completion of the Beyond Light story campaign
  • You must have Anti-barrier overload available

What To Expect When Working With Us

  • Our exclusive 300% Guarantee covers your satisfaction, cost, and quality!
  • We are always accessible via contact us on our site, email, and Facebook
  • Professionally managed and professionally staffed, you are working with a coordinated team
  • We will respond to your service inquiries within 24 hours