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Get the Exotic Hand Cannon “Lumina”! Choose any step or full quest to complete your weapon.

Lumina Quest

  1. Finding Rose – Acquire the quest line, hidden in the hillsides of the EDZ and use the calibration device to locate which lost sector contains the hidden chest containing the shrouded weapon
  2. Bearers of Evil Past – Generate 250 Orbs of Light in any activity
  3. Rose, Revealed – Three activities are needed to empower the new weapon:
    1. Complete a Nightfall with a score of at least 50k
    2. Complete 35 points worth of Blind Well, Escalation Protocol, or Forges
    3. Kill 100 enemies without reloading
  4. Fireteam Leader – Equip the empowered Rose and complete activities in the solar system
  5. Strength in Numbers – Three PvP focused achievements required:
    1. Kill Guardians with Hand Cannons in PvP
    2. Generate 50 Orbs of Light
    3. Deny an Invader in Gambit before they kill anyone on your team
  6. Crystals in The Will of the Thousands – Destroy 11 Crystals and complete the strike to transform Rose in to Lumina!

Minimum required power level is 725. You must have access to the required areas and events for the quest step selected.

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