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Nightfall Activity Completion

Complete the Shadowkeep Nightfall Strike “The Ordeal” on one or all of your Guardians. The Ordeal must be available and unlocked on your character. There is a weekly powerful reward available for completing The Ordeal 3x normally and another for achieving 100k score.

Nightfall Rewards



Adept (1250)

Exotic Gear (Rare)

Enhancement Cores (Uncommon)

Nightfall Weapon (Rare)

+ 1 point towards the weekly challenge.


Hero (1290)

Exotic Gear (Rare)

Enhancement Cores (Uncommon)

Nightfall Weapon (Rare)

Enhancement Prisms (Rare)

+ 2 points towards the weekly challenge.


Legend (1320)

Exotic Gear (Common)

Enhancement Prisms (Uncommon)

Nightfall Weapon (Common)

+ 3 points towards the weekly challenge.

Master (1350) & Grandmaster (1370)

Exotic Gear (Common)

Enhancement Prisms (Common)

Ascendant Shards (Uncommon)

Nightfall Weapon (Common)

+ 4 points towards the weekly challenge.


Weekly Challenge Activities

Pinnacle engram Tier 1 Powerful Gear

When You order the Weekly Challenge Activities from us, we will do all the steps required to fully complete all the challenges. You will obtain a Tier 1 Powerful Gear.

Weekly Challenge 100K

Pinnacle engram Pinnacle Gear

Completing the Weekly Challenge 100K gives a pinnacle reward.

Service Requirements

  • You must have the Shadowkeep DLC
  • You must meet the Selected Options Power Level Requirement


Power level requirements for each tier are as follows:

  • Adept – 1240+ Power
  • Hero – 1280+ Power
  • Legend – 1310+ Power
  • Master – 1340+ Power
  • Grandmaster – 1345+ Power
  • Weekly Challenge 100k High Score – 1300+ Power

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