Solstice of Heroes – Masterwork Majestic Armor


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Required: For listed Options, Majestic Armor Set is required

Get the exclusive Solstice of Heroes armor set upgraded with Masterwork at power level 750. Choose which pieces individually or get the whole set done together! This armor set will convert to armor 2.0 with the Shadowkeep expansion in September, allowing for increased customization and stat allocation!


  • Helmet: Complete a Prestige Nightfall with a score of over 200,000
  • Gauntlets: Complete playlist Strikes with clanmates
  • Chest: Complete the Shattered Throne dungeon with two or fewer players
  • Boots: Reset your Season 7 Valor
  • Class Item: Defeat challenging enemies

Completion of this requires the introductory mission be complete and the Renewed Armor (725 Power) unlocked and purchased. This service may take multiple sessions to complete. Our team will be in contact with you at every step to coordinate.


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