Uzume RR4


Guaranteed farm of the Uzume RR4 Energy Sniper Rifle from Nightfall: The Ordeal!

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Uzume RR4 Guaranteed Farm

Uzume RR4 iconUzume RR4 is an Energy Sniper Rifle that deals solar damage.
This weapon is on a 3-week rotation, it’s a random drop from The Ordeal Nightfall.
Completing the Nightfall at a higher difficulty will increase this Sniper Rifle drop chance.
when you order this service, we will farm Nightfall: The Ordeal at a hero or higher difficulty until this weapon drops! so this service is Guaranteed for obtaining the amount you want of these Energy Sniper Rifles.


  • You must have completed the Beyond Light Campaign
  • You must be 1270+ Power Level

Important Note About this service:
This weapon is available every three weeks, so the fulfillment of this service depends on when you place your order! It might take up to two resets before we can start your order.

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