Whisper of the Worm


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Whisper Heroic Triumphs Include All Chests

Our team will initiate and complete the hidden quest required to obtain the exotic sniper rifle “Whisper of the Worm”. Minimum character power level required 380.

To obtain the Masterwork Catalyst, only a single completion of “The Whisper” on heroic difficulty is required. To complete the Catalyst, 50 blighted essences must be collected from the Heroic strike which requires a minimum of 3 completions spread over 3 weeks.

To obtain the “Enigmatic Blueprint” for the Exotic Ship, all 5 hidden chests must be opened in the Heroic strike. To complete the blueprint, the Heroic strike must be completed once each with each of the 3 elemental singes active. The singe rotates weekly at reset.


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