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Weekly and Daily Challenges

Weekly and Daily Challenges

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Maximize your power increases and take advantage of the powerful gear from Weekly and Daily Challenges! We will complete the weekly and daily challenge activities of your choosing, or all of them as needed! If all four daily challenges are active on your character, this will net you 10 Powerful Gear engrams!

Each week at reset the weekly challenges become available. Gambit, Crucible, Strikes, Heroic Story Missions, and the planetary Flashpoint are all included and award powerful gear.

Each of the 4 daily challenges (Gambit/Crucible/Strike/Story) resets every 4 days on a pre-determined schedule. You can have at most 4 active daily challenges if you have not completed any in the past 4 days. We will complete all of the active Daily Challenges available at the time of service, up to the maximum of 4.

You must have the activity unlocked and available on your character for service to begin.


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