Bastion Previous Komodo Ritual Weapon for Season of the Dawn

Completing an Impossible Task


Completing An Impossible Task

Save Saint-14 Questline 


  • 900+ Power Level
  • Must have the Selected Quest Step
  • Season Pass

Completing an Impossible Task

1. Gather Vex Parts: Destroy the Vex Transformers.
2. Big Vex Hunting: Defeat Vex to collect Cores and Radiolarian Fluid.
3. An Impossible Task: Travel to the past and attempt to succeed where Osiris failed.
4. Open a Gateway: Plant the Transponders.
5. Saint’s Ghost: Find Saint’s Ghost.
6. Recharging the Sundial: Collect Light to recharge the Sundial.
7. Back to the Past: Return to the past and succeed where Osiris failed.

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Type Raid
Tags Destiny2, ShadowKeep