About Best Destiny Carries

We are the only Destiny Carry Service that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a price match guarantee, and our exclusive Account Safe Program – Our 300% Guarantee. We are not an anonymous individual offering service in their spare time. We are a registered LLC in the state of New Jersey and are registered with the IRS for taxes and employee reporting. All of our team members must submit federal documentation including full name, address and social security number before working on our team. An open and honest relationship with all of our employees helps us deliver the best service possible.
We recognize that we are first and foremost a customer service driven company and value every interaction with our clients. We make ourselves available for contact via email (support@bestdestinycarries.com), live chat on our site and via our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bestdestinycarries). We will always respond to you as soon as possible, and guaranteed within 24 hours.
We understand that there are many people offering similar in game services. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish a reputable and reliable source from someone trying to take your money or account. When you work with us you get security and reliability every step of the way. Our website is encrypted with industry standard protocols. We offer multiple payment options for you to choose the one you are most comfortable with. Our operations and our management have separate roles and responsibilities to provide checks and balances to our services. Our email (support@bestdestinycarries.com) is routed to all members of the company so you can be sure that it will be handled quickly and efficiently to resolve any question or issue that you have.


We are a coordinated team of some of the best Destiny players around. We offer our time and expertise to help other players accomplish what they can't or don't want to do in Destiny. We provide service to clients like you that want the most from their valuable time spent online. We have a 100% money back guarantee if you are at all dissatisfied with your experience and guarantee that we will contact you to confirm service within 24 hours of placement.


Working With Us

You are only a few short steps away from getting the best gear Destiny has to offer! Follow the steps below to get our expert teams playing on your side to defeat the hardest raids, complete the most challenging quests and earn your passage to the Lighthouse!

Step 1

Create an Account - We frequently run promotions, drawings and offers that are only open to account holders. It's free and easy with no commitment!

In doing so you will earn BDC Credits which can be redeemed for dollars 100:1. You will earn $10 just for creating the account, and can earn $20 per person that you refer to us!

Step 2

Get to know us - Learn about what we do and how we operate. We offer an exclusive 300% guarantee including money back and price matching but more importantly you should only do business with a company you trust to treat you fairly.

Step 3

Check Our Products - We provide services in all areas of Destiny. For most of our services you have the option to let us play your Guardian for you, or to play alongside us while we teach you the encounters and help you along to victory.

  • Trials contains all of our PvP offerings ranging from single match wins to 9-0 Flawless Cards for all of your Guardians.
  • Raids is where you will find our PvE focused products, including all available Raid encounters and Challenges. We offer streaming options with each Raid so you can watch your Guardian go to work and see the encounters first hand.
  • Discounted Bundles combines our most popular Trials and Raid products together at a discounted rate. These products are perfect to maximize your guardians progress each week and make sure that everything happens before reset.
  • Hourly & Quests holds our custom packages to meet any need. You can choose to work with our team for increments of as little at 15 minutes to run anything you need. This is great for knocking out the last leg of a quest, a single Raid boss or filling in the last slot of a team. We also run our custom individual coaching through the hourly purchases.

 Step 4

Create an Order or chat with our team live using the bubble at the bottom of the page! Check our Facebook page and like us if you haven't already for special offers and coupon codes. We are always available via email at support@bestdestinycarries.com.