• Campaign Completion

Campaign Completion

  • $149.99 Earn 2 BDC Credits for every dollar!

Complete the full story mode and unlock all associated activities! This includes all of the following story missions:

  1. Prologue
  2. The White House
  3. The Theater
  4. Grand Washington Hotel
  5. Jefferson Trade Center
  6. Viewpoint Museum
  7. American History Museum
  8. Air & Space Museum
  9. Space Administration HQ
  10. Jefferson Plaza
  11. Bank Headquarters
  12. DCD Headquarters
  13. Lincoln Memorial
  14. Potomac Event Cetner
  15. Federal Emergency Bunker
  16. District Union Arena Stronghold
  17. Roosevelt Island Stronghold

If starting this service from level 1, your character will not be level 30 after completing these items. If you wish to unlock World Tier 1, please see our World Tier Unlock services.



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