• Crown of Sorrows
  • Crown of Sorrows

Crown of Sorrows

  • $89.99 Earn 2 BDC Credits for every dollar!


Crown of Sorrows services to complete individual encounters or the full raid. Choose which segment(s) you need to complete and our team can handle the rest. Optimal load outs include some combination of Outbreak Perfected, Mountaintop, Recluse, Thunderlord, or Hammerhead.

Minimum Power requirements are listed with each step.

Current Availability:

1st Encounter: All Platforms

2nd Encounter: All Platforms

3rd Encounter: All Platforms

4th Encounter: All Platforms - Required for Week 1 Jacket Unlock!


After placing an order our team will be in touch via email or text to coordinate the timing and details of your service.


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