Tribute Hall


Earn tributes to unlock "Bad Juju" at 18 and the catalyst at 43! Build out your personal space including a shooting range with infinite ammo and supers and a personal Vault!

There are 4 bounties available every day that can be used to earn discounts from vendor tributes in the Tribute Hall. These can only be done once per account per day.

Purchased Tributes take up to 120+ planetary materials and glimmer before discounts. Our team can acquire these materials and the tribute for you, which will require usage of other planetary materials, legendary shards, glimmer, and bright dust. If you want specific items to remain untouched please add to your order notes.

The Triumph Tributes Include:

  • Imperial Footsoldier: Defeat enemies in Strikes while wearing Calus gear
  • High Roller: Complete the Nightfall with a score of 100,000 while wearing Calus gear
  • Lavish Defender: Earn points in Nightfalls while wearing Calus gear
  • Imperial Scoundrel: Defeat enemies in Gambit while wearing Calus gear
  • Imperial Assassin: Defeat enemy Guardians in Gambit while wearing Calus gear
  • The Scoundrel in Uniform: Earn Infamy from Gambit while wearing Calus gear
  • The Emperor’s Gladiator: Earn Valor from the Crucible while wearing Calus gear
  • Into the Coliseum: Defeat enemy Guardians in the Crucible while wearing Calus gear

You must have the appropriate gear and activities unlocked for service to begin.



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